Char Siu for Ramen

A Good Ramen needs to be accompanied with good Char Siu pork. This is the recipe from a ramen restaurant where I used to work. To make Char Siu, you can use different cuts of meat, and typical examples are Pork belly, pork shoulder or pork rump. You might find some recipe use skin-on pork or beef but the use of those is rarely seen in Japan.

Easy Home-made Ramen Stock (with stuff from supermarkets)

Making ramen stock in a restaurant way is quite a complicated process, as it typically requires tens of hours of simmering, proper cutting and cleaning of different types of bones and meats, and above all, the ingredients are usually troublesome to find in a regular market. But by following this recipe, you can make a decent ramen stock only with the ingredients regularly available at supermarkets and avoid all that rigmarole.
Yoshoku Recipes

Cheese Hamburg (Yoshoku-style meat ball stuffed with cheese)

Hamburg, aka Hamburg Steak, is a classic Yoshoku (Westernised Japanese Cuisine) dish loved by people of all ages in Japan. It's a large meat ball that looks similar to a burger patty or a German meat ball called Frikadelle, but a Hamburg is fattier and juicier, and eaten with variety of sauces, such as demi-glace sauce, soy-based onion sauce, ponzu sauce or cream sauce.
Classic Recipes

Natto Kinchaku (Fermented Soybean in Fried Tofu Sachet)

Here is a recipe you can try, if you are already a Natto fan. The meatiness of Natto and crispness of grilled Abura-age (Thin fried tofu) perfectly match together and makes a very good Vegan-friendly main dish. Above all, it's super easy to prepare.
Regional Specialties

Takana-Chahan (Pickled Mustard Green Fried Rice)

Takana-Chahan is a simple and rustic fried rice with Takana (pickled mustard green from Kyushu island) and one of the Yatai (a Japanese food cart) dishes in Kumamoto prefecture. When Takana is fried, its umami gets fully boosted and brings such a depth to the dish. You can enjoy Takana-Chahan just as it is, which make a perfect lunch, or on the side of Kumamoto’s famous Tonkotsu ramen!!
Classic Recipes

15-minute meal: Yakiniku Donburi (Japanese BBQ rice bowl)

Are you a busy parent of hungry teenaged children, but still want to cook a nice and comforting home-cooked meal for your family? Then this recipe would be perfect for you.
Classic Recipes

Nasu-Miso-Dengaku (Grilled Eggplant with Sweet Miso Glaze)

Dengaku is a traditional Japanese dish with grilled ingredients, such as tofu, Konjaku or some vegetables, brushed with sweet miso glaze. Among different Dengaku variations, Nasu-Miso-Dengaku (Eggplant Dengaku) would probably be the most popular. The silky and melt-in-your-mouse texture of the grilled/pan-fried eggplant and the sweet and savoury rich miso glaze complement each other to be a perfectly satisfying dish! The good news is, such a delicious and satisfying dish happens to be vegetarian, as a lot of traditional Japanese dishes are.
Regional Specialties

Dashi (Yamagata-style Vegetable Tartare)

This is very different from the Dashi, Japanese fish or seaweed stock, that you would probably associate with. The Dashi I am talking about here is a one of the iconic specialty dishes from Yamagata prefecture.
Classic Recipes

Stir-fried Konjaku and Green Pepper (Konjaku To Piman No Itamemono)

Konjaku is a hard jelly made from a type of yam and has been an common ingredients in Japanese cuisines for nearly a thousand years. It's used in various dishes in Japanese cuisine and known for is very low calorie, which makes it a perfect ingredient for dieting. This is a simple, delicious and healthy home cooked-dish which I learnt from my mother.
Recipes with Kome Miso

Ishikari Jiru(Hokkaido’s Traditional Salmon Miso Soup)

Ishikari Jiru, I would say, is a "Bowlful of Hokkaido". The word Ishikari refers to the name of the region where the dish originated and "Jiru" means soup. The dish has Hokkaido's local produce, such as potatoes, onion, carrots, daikon and so on, and most importantly, locally caught salmon.
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