Recipes with Mirin

DAMAKO-NABE (Akita-Style Rice Cake and Chicken Hot Pot)

Damoko Nabe is a Hot pot from snowy Akita prefecture, which is one of the most famous rice producers in Japan. In the winter, this soothing and warming dish is prepared using ball-shaped rice cakes called Damako-mochi made from local rice and enjoyed with family.
Regional Specialties

RAFUTE (Okinawa-Style Braised Pork Belly)

Rafute, Okinawan-style braised pork belly, has its roots in Chinese braised pork belly and was adapted to suit local tastes. This tender and melt-in-your-mouth pork dish is definitely one of the most iconic pork dishes in Okinawa.
Recipes with Mirin

NAGOYA-FU-TEBASAKI (Nagoya-Style Wings)

Nagoya-fu-tebasaki has to be one of the best-known local specialties of Nagoya across Japan. It's among the most popular dishes at the Izakaya in the city.
Regional Specialties

TAIWAN RAMEN (Nagoya-Style Hot and Spicy Ramen)

Taiwan Ramen is a creation of a local Taiwanese restaurant in Nagoya, Japan. It's composed of chicken based broth, low hydration ramen noodles, garlic chive and most importantly, Taiwan Minchi(spicy pork mince), minced pork cooked with various seasonings and loads of chilies.
Regional Specialties

GOYA-CHAMPURU (Okinawa-style Stir-fried Bitter Melon & Tofu)

When talking about Okinawa cuisine, we should not forget about Goya(bitter melon). And the most popular of all Goya dis...
Classic Recipes

Ryotei-style Oyakodon (High-end-restaurant chicken and egg rice bowl)

Oyakodon, Chicken and egg rice bowl, is one of the icons of Japanese home cooking. But what if it’s made by a chef at a Ryotei, a high-end Japanese restaurant? Here is the answer to the question. Following this recipe, you can elevate your Oyakodon to the taste of Ryotei.
Regional Specialties

ZANGI (Hokkaido Style Fried Chicken)

Zangi first appeared in 1960 in a harbor city called Kushiro located in the East Hokkaido. The city has been one of the Chicken farming centres on the island and a chef at a small local Chinese restaurant started this dish, making use of the local chicken.
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