SHIRO SHOYU (White Soy Sauce)

Soy sauce
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<What is it?>
Shiro-shoyu (white soy sauce) is a type of Japanese soy sauce originated in Hekinan-city in Aichi, Japan. It’s known for its amber-like light colour and mild flavour with a touch of sweetness.

<How is it used?>
Its exceptionally light colour makes it perfect for preparation of soups, Chawan-mushi (savoury egg custard), Takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with meat, fish and/or vegetables) and so on, where you don’t want to ruin the colours of ingredients.

<Other features>
There are several reasons why Shiro-shoyu has such a light colour, but the biggest factor would be the much higher ratio of wheat used for production than other types of soy sauce.

*Normal Japanese soy sauce: 50% Soy to 50% wheat
*Shiro-shoyu: 10% soy to 90% wheat

Despite the colour and the mild flavour, it has a higher salt content than normal Japanese soy sauce.


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