About Me

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Hi! My name is Taka. I’m a cooking instructor, YouTube chef and recipe writer. I previously learnt at a culinary school and worked in some commercial kitchens. Now, I help people learn how to cook the real Japanese food. But why did I start doing all these? Well, let me tell you a story.
l used to lived in Australia and Europe for quite a while, and during these times, I learnt that so many people were actually interested in Japanese cooking but didn’t know where to begin or were getting wrong ideas about it because of misleading recipes, dodgy TV chefs and bad Japanese restaurants. When I joined a major Japanese food group on a social network site a few years ago, I still found the situation that was no different than the one I had experienced abroad. Coming across such, I felt sad about how Japanese culinary culture was mistaken or ignored. And one day, I though I could be one of the people to do something about it, making use of my own passion towards and knowledge about cooking. Then I started telling people, through the social media and cooking lessons, about what’s actually eaten in Japan and what regional food varieties are there. Luckily, a lot of them found it interesting and informative, and I started to have people reproducing my recipes! The fact that they were actually learning authentic Japanese cooking and feeling happy about it made me feel happy as well and gave me confidence to go on with this food journey of mine.

I hope that what I’m doing is also interesting and informative for you and you will also have fun experiencing the real Japanese food!

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