Classic Recipes

Natto Kinchaku (Fermented Soybean in Fried Tofu Sachet)

Here is a recipe you can try, if you are already a Natto fan. The meatiness of Natto and crispness of grilled Abura-age (Thin fried tofu) perfectly match together and makes a very good Vegan-friendly main dish. Above all, it's super easy to prepare.
Classic Recipes

Nasu-Miso-Dengaku (Grilled Eggplant with Sweet Miso Glaze)

Dengaku is a traditional Japanese dish with grilled ingredients, such as tofu, Konjaku or some vegetables, brushed with sweet miso glaze. Among different Dengaku variations, Nasu-Miso-Dengaku (Eggplant Dengaku) would probably be the most popular. The silky and melt-in-your-mouse texture of the grilled/pan-fried eggplant and the sweet and savoury rich miso glaze complement each other to be a perfectly satisfying dish! The good news is, such a delicious and satisfying dish happens to be vegetarian, as a lot of traditional Japanese dishes are.
Regional Specialties

Dashi (Yamagata-style Vegetable Tartare)

This is very different from the Dashi, Japanese fish or seaweed stock, that you would probably associate with. The Dashi I am talking about here is a one of the iconic specialty dishes from Yamagata prefecture.
Classic Recipes

Stir-fried Konjaku and Green Pepper (Konjaku To Piman No Itamemono)

Konjaku is a hard jelly made from a type of yam and has been an common ingredients in Japanese cuisines for nearly a thousand years. It's used in various dishes in Japanese cuisine and known for is very low calorie, which makes it a perfect ingredient for dieting. This is a simple, delicious and healthy home cooked-dish which I learnt from my mother.
Classic Recipes

Kimpira Renkon (Stir-fried lotus root)

Renkon, the Japanese term for lotus root, I think, has one of the most amazing crunchy textures of all the vegetables in the world. On top of that, It contains a lot of fibers and vitamin C.
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