Regional Specialties


Authentic Sapporo-Style Miso Ramen

Sapporo Miso Ramen would probably be the most recognised type of ramen in the Hokkaido ramen variety. Since the first Miso ramen in Japanese history made its appearance in Sapporo in1955, the city is regarded as the one of the birth places of Miso Ramen. It’s rich and profound Miso soup, crunch of the vegetables and the iconic bouncy texture of the noodles complement each other to form one of the most unforgettable bowls of ramen which is a perfect dish to warm you up during severe winter.
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Negi-Ma Nabe (Tokyo’s Tuna and Green Onion Hot Pot)

Negi-Ma Nabe is a hotpot with tuna and green onion enjoyed in Tokyo since 1800's. "Negi" is translated as green onion o...
Regional Specialties

Takana-Chahan (Pickled Mustard Green Fried Rice)

Takana-Chahan is a simple and rustic fried rice with Takana (pickled mustard green from Kyushu island) and one of the Yatai (a Japanese food cart) dishes in Kumamoto prefecture. When Takana is fried, its umami gets fully boosted and brings such a depth to the dish. You can enjoy Takana-Chahan just as it is, which make a perfect lunch, or on the side of Kumamoto’s famous Tonkotsu ramen!!
Regional Specialties

Dashi (Yamagata-style Vegetable Tartare)

This is very different from the Dashi, Japanese fish or seaweed stock, that you would probably associate with. The Dashi I am talking about here is a one of the iconic specialty dishes from Yamagata prefecture.
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Ishikari Jiru(Hokkaido’s Traditional Salmon Miso Soup)

Ishikari Jiru, I would say, is a "Bowlful of Hokkaido". The word Ishikari refers to the name of the region where the dish originated and "Jiru" means soup. The dish has Hokkaido's local produce, such as potatoes, onion, carrots, daikon and so on, and most importantly, locally caught salmon.
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ZANGI (Hokkaido-style fried chicken) Original Kushiro version

Zangi: Hokkaido-style fried chicken This dish started in a city called Kushiro, an important port city in eastern Hokkaido. Unlike other types of Japanese fried chicken, the original version from Kushiro comes accompanied with a Worcestershire sauce based sweet and savoury dipper.
Regional Specialties

Jaga-Butter-Shoyu (Hokkaido’s Steamed potato with butter and soy sauce)

This super simple dish is one of Hokkaido's most popular food icons. For most Japanese people, if not everyone, the combination of potatoes and butter resembles Hokkaido, and in fact, the prefecture is by far the biggest producer of those two in Japan.
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Tekone-sushi (Mie-style hand-mixed sushi with soy-marinated fish)

Tekone-sushi is a traditional sushi from Mie prefecture, which is also famous for the expensive Matsusaka wagyu. The dish is said to have been created by a local fisherman in the region to satisfy him and his crewmen’s need for easy, quick and filling meals during their busy and tough work.
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Ise-Udon (Ise-style soft-boiled Udon noodles)

Ise-Udon is a type of Udon noodles from Ise city in Mie prefecture, Japan. Of all types of Udon, Ise-Udon probably has the softest and silkiest texture. Although Udon is generally expected to have Koshi (chewiness), the texture of Ise-Udon is completely opposite.
Regional Specialties

Ninjin Shiri-Shiri (Okinawan shredded carrots with eggs)

This is a very simple and super easy yet very iconic Okinawan carrot dish. The term Shiri-shiri refers to the shredding sound of carrots using a Shiri-shiri-ki (Okinawan vegetable shredder).
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