Authentic Sapporo-Style Miso Ramen

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Sapporo Miso Ramen would probably be the most recognised type of ramen in the Hokkaido ramen variety. Since the first Miso ramen in Japanese history made its appearance in Sapporo in1955, the city is regarded as the one of the birth places of Miso Ramen. It’s rich and profound Miso soup, crunch of the vegetables and the iconic bouncy texture of the noodles complement each other to form one of the most unforgettable bowls of ramen which is a perfect dish to warm you up during severe winter.

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-INGREDIENTS- (Serves 1)
*150g Sapporo-style noodles
*A handful of chopped onion
*A handful of chopped Chinese cabbage
*A hand full of mung bean/soy bean sprouts
*3 Tbsp pork mince, cooked beforehand (Refer to the video above)
*450 to 500ml Ramen stock
*1 Tbsp garlic paste (Refer to the video above)
*3 Tbsp lard
*1 tsp Ajinomoto
*2 1/2 Tbsp of Miso-Tare
*2 slices of Char Siu
*2 Tbsp chopped green onion
*2 Tbsp tinned corn
*5g Menma

*1 knob of butter
*Ichimi Togarashi (Japanese chilli powder)

1. Before start making the ramen, boil a large pot of water for cooking noodles, and heat up the stock.

2. Heat the lard in a wok on the highest heat. Add the garlic paste, onion, Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts, then stir-fry for 30 seconds keeping the heat at the highest.

3. Pour the ramen stock and bring it to a boil, then keep boiling for 30 seconds. Meanwhile, put the noodles in the large pot with boiling water and cook them according to the instruction.

4. Add the Miso-Tare and pork mince into the wok, and stir to dissolve the Tare. Have a taste and adjust the strength of the broth either by adding more Tare or more stock. The noodles should be done by this time.

5. Drain the noodles well and transfer it into a Ramen bowl. Pour the soup over the noodles and top it with the corn, Menma, chopped green onion, Char Siu and butter. Sprinkle some Ichimi Togarashi.


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