Kimpira Renkon (Stir-fried lotus root)

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Renkon, the Japanese term for lotus root, I think, has one of the most amazing crunchy textures of all the vegetables in the world. On top of that, It contains a lot of fibers and vitamin C. Its mild and plain flavour makes it suitable for any type of dishes: salad, curry, tempura, soup, stir-fry and so on and so forth. Among hundreds of Renkon recipes, Kimpira (Japanese vegetable stir-fry) should be one of the best ways to enjoy the texture of this amazing root. It’s very simple to make but the result is promising! Suitable for everyday meals and Bento.

-INGREDIENTS- (serves 4)
250g lotus root, pre-packed thin slices
1/2 carrot, julienned
100g pork loin or belly, julienned (Leave this out to make the dish vegetarian)
2 Tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp roasted sesame seeds

※ If you are using fresh Renkon, peel the skin and slice it into 2mm slices. Then, make sure to soak them in water water with rice vinegar (or any white vinegar). 1 tsp vinegar / 2 cups water This will prevent the root from turning brown.

1. Heat the sesame oil in an non-stick pan. Add the pork and stir-fry until slightly browned on a medium to high heat. Add the lotus root slices and the carrot. Stir-fry for 2 mins.

2. Add all the seasonings in the order of sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar. Then, keep frying until the liquid is almost evaporated ( be careful not to burn). This could take up to 4 mins depending on the power of your stove. Sprinkle over with the sesame seeds.


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