Easy Home-made Ramen Stock (with stuff from supermarkets)

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Making ramen stock in a restaurant way is quite a complicated process, as it typically requires tens of hours of simmering, proper cutting and cleaning of different types of bones and meats, and above all, the ingredients are usually troublesome to find in a regular market. But by following this recipe, you can make a decent ramen stock only with the ingredients regularly available at supermarkets and avoid all that rigmarole.

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-INGREDIENTS- (Yields about 4 to 5 litres)
<Bones & Meats>
700g pork belly (for making char siu)
600g pork shoulder (for making char siu)
500g pork spare rib
800g chicken wings

<Vegetables & Aromatics>
350g Chinese cabbage
250g carrot
200g onion
50g ginger
60g green onion
30g dried Kombu

Plenty of water for initial cleaning
6.4L water
1.6L water to top up the stock on the way

1. Add the bones and meats in a large and deep stock pot, then pour plenty of water. Start heating on the highest heat, and once it comes to a boil with some scum floating on top,
drain the water.

2. Rinse the bones and meat well under running cold water, then return them into the same pot that has been washed. Make sure to place the pork bell and shoulder at the top as they are taken out later. Pour 6.4 litres of water and put it back onto the stove. Start heating on the highest heat. When it has come to a boil, turn down the heat to medium and skim off the scum. Simmer for an hour, removing the scum. Take out the pork belly and shoulder, which will be use to make Char Siu, after an hour and continue simmering for another hour.

3. After 2 hours have passed, add all the vegetables, aromatics and 1.6 litres of water. Continue simmering for an hour and a half, skimming off the scum until the stock has reduced approximately to two thirds. The kombu needs to be removed when 30 have gone by.

4. When the stock has reduced to the desired level, take out all the solid ingredients with a mesh ladle. The stock is ready, once cooled down. Reheat necessary amount of the stock when making ramen.

※The stock can be frozen in freezer bags to store.


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