Mizutaki (Hakata-Style Chicken Hot Pot)

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Mizutaki is a type of hot pot originated in Hakata, Kyushu. Although the dish was born in Japan, you can call it a fusion of Chinese, western and Japanese cuisines. This is because Heizaburo Hayashida, who is said to be the inventor of the dish and lived in Hong Kong learning to become a chef, got inspired by Consommé a Chinese chicken stew, and created Mizutaki when he came back to Kyushu. Mizutaki is a light Nabe (hot pot) consisting of chicken broth, chicken and some vegetables, but as the ingredients cook longer in the pot, the broth gets deeper and deeper with the rich umami from them. At the end of the meal, it is customary to put either rice and egg, or Udon noodles into the broth so that the delicious broth can also be enjoyed.

-INGREDIENTS- (Serves 4)
2L chicken broth
450g chicken thigh, boned
450g chicken wings (drumettes)
1/2 Chinese cabbage
2 stalk green onion
1/4 carrot
1/2 bunch garlic chive
8 Shiitake mushrooms

300g Tofu

Ponzu sauce

2 chicken carcasses
2 stalk green onion
200ml Sake
3L Water
Salt to taste

320g cooked Japanese rice or Udon noodles
2 eggs
1/2 stalk green onion, finely chopped

1. Put the carcasses, 2 stalks green onion, sake and 3L water in a pot and simmer for 2~3 hours on a medium-low heat, skimming off the scum. Season lightly with some salt. (You can substitute chicken broth powder diluted with 2L water)

2. Cut the ingredients as below.
*Chicken thigh: bite-size pieces
*Chinese cabbage: bite-size pieces
*2 stalks green onion: bias-sliced
*Carrot: thin slices
*Garlic chive: 5cm long
*Shiitake mushrooms: cut in half
*Tofu: bite-size pieces

3. Place half of the vegetables and the meat in a pot and pour the stock. Start heating on a high heat and turn down to a medium low heat once it comes to a boil.

4. The hot pot is ready when the ingredients are cooked. Dip the ingredients in Ponzu sauce and put a touch of Yuzu-kosho, when you eat it. Add the remaining vegetables and meat as you go.

5. When all the ingredients are gone, add the rice/Udon and cook for a few minutes. Beat 2 eggs and pour over the rice/Udon. Sprinkle the finely chopped green onion and cook until the eggs are set. Season lightly with ponzu.


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